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Do not believe this Guy he claims that you can me 75 to 100% on weekly returns on your investment doing arbitrage sports hedging, he will show you that you can make money and then when you bring clients in, he never pays, he tells to to set up and account with, the name if his company is New Business Network Solution or Global business Solutions, his email address his phone # is (650) 268-9829.He will stop responding to emails or to answer his phone and will never return your phone calls, He has gotten away with over $300k in my clients funds as well as another groups funds.

He sounds like a nice guy but he is a scammer.Do not fall for send any money or do business with this guy you will loose you money.

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Please email me all of his Info, I had several clients invest money with him, they got away with over $150k of my clients money, he severally damaged my reputation, which is priceless please email me to discuss further.


I met Dan as Michael Remdey with Investar Holdings a few months ago! His real name is Daniel Austin Levy, but he changes his name, company, address and phone number often to continue scamming people.

He stole $1800 from me, and $2500 from my friend.

He is a sociopath and does nothing but lie and scam. He sounds sweet and charming and "seems" to really know his stuff. He is smooth talking and you will believe every word he tells you.

Dan told me his "investment" was as safe as putting your money in a bank account. He sent and signed contracts with me and told me that my initial investment was "guaranteed." He is a *** artist who claims he has a sports arbitrage program and he make returns of 50% weekely. Really he does not do arbitrage at all. He is addicted to gambling and just bets straight up (and loses) everyone's money.

I invested $1800 and he would send me weekly "numbers" and reports telling me how much money I was making. When my account grew to over $5000, I asked for a withdrawl of just over half. It never came, he stalled and gave me a million excuses...and finally he told me Bookmakers processors had be seized and shut down and I couldn't get my money out. All of which was BS.

He claims he works for Bookmaker and they pay his phone bill, computer, office space, etc...but this is all a lie. He claims he is a big shot in the gambling world and has all these connections.

We actually became "friends" and I was able to get alot of information about him and his life. We talked every day and I saved every email, chat session, photo, etc. I will be taking full legal action against Mr. Levy and I can provide his full details to anyone who was also scammed and would like to go to the authorities. It is hard to press charges when he used fake names, addresses, corporations...but I have ALL his real info.

He brags of millions of dollars in offshore accounts in Malta, but really he lives in a tiny apartment in Santa Clara, CA and drives a Honda Civic.

When all of his lies finally caught up to him, he broke down and told me everything. I have his "confessions" saved on chat. No one has ever made money. He just takes everyone's money and gambles it away (no arbitrage.) He uses fake names/corporations to hide behind. That way he isn't responsible for his "fake" contracts he signs with you. He wasn't my "friend" and stole my money and lied to me about it for months.

He also claims to invest in Forex, stocks, etc. and sells shelf corporations and tradelines. All of this is all a scam too. He will just steal your money and you will never see a thing from him. Search for him on Ripoff Report and you will see all the trouble/scams he has been involved in.

He has used the names Daniel Austin Levy, Daniel Levy, David Likten/Lichten, Michael Remdey and I am sure countless others. He has had the companies Symtek Solutions, Investar Holdings, Incorpo Enterprises, New Business Network Solutions. (These are ones that I KNOW of...but may be many others.)

Known emails he uses/has used are:,,,

His current phone number is: 408-550-3220, but I am sure he will change as soon as I post this.

He lives (and "works") out of the Bay Area....Santa Clara/San Jose area. But will claim he is from Palo Alto. He may or may not work with a girl name Kristina (in the photo.) He claims this is his girlfriend of 5 years, but there is NO way she can actually live with him and not know what is going on, so I believe she may be an accomplice.

The photo of his ID posted on here IS him, but the birthdate has been doctored. His real birthdate is: 02/13/87. That's right, a 24 year old has stolen and scammed half a million dollars (or more) from people!!

He is originally from Palm Beach Gardens, FL and has scammed people there as well. His family is still in that area. His Dad is an attorney there, maybe that is why he thinks he can get away with his crimes. I have his parents info, family/friends, contacts, his SSN, addresses, IDs, etc. which I will be giving to the authorities in both FL and CA.

Let's get this guy and get our money back, and make sure he NEVER scams someone again. He deserves to be in jail.


Daniel Austin Levy is a *** artist, scammer, sociopath/psychopath, liar, gambling addict, and terrible person who has no conscience. He needs to be stopped!!!


This guy took me for $2000 also, slimeball of a person


Gordon and Frank please email me, I would like to discuss the new party referenced (Dan Levy) and the address in Arizona. I have pulled up the owner of record from public records.

email me at nbnsscam at gmail dot com


David Lichten is now, operating under Dan Levy, new company he is operating is New Business Solutions, I did an IP Trace from an email he sent me and I came up with an address of 13824 N 88th Pl, Scottsdale AZ. This may be the address that he is living.


I tried your email address, the email I sent came back, please email me and provide me with an address for Dan Levy, if this is him.


I called Bookmaker and spoke to a supervisor (John) and he checked and did not find a David Lichten, however he did find Dan Levy, which I think is his real name! I think I also knwo his address but will try to confirm it.

Lets plan to get as much info on Dan Levy and file claims against him. Contact me at


Anyone who wants to have further dialogue with me can reach out at nbnsscam at gmail dot com


Odd, David Lichten...the name that appears on the top of my faxed contract reads "David Likten" not "Lichten".So which one are you today??

I too have been scammed by this jerkoff. I have emailed him more times than I can remember and no response, left voicemails and no response. So when you take money from investors and do not pay them for the use of their money and then do not refund them their money what do you call that?? Well, I have put a request in with the FBI and they feel that they have you on charges of wire fraud.

See, all I wanted was my money back.

I recommend anyone that has been defrauded by this low life to make additional posts on the following sites:,,,, that this guy gets smeared all over the internet as a thief.When I confronted him about his business not showing up in California records he provided another business out of Delaware - National Business Solutions

2711 Centerville Road Wilmington, DE 19808, which is an actual business in delaware.


What is his real name and address?


Doesn't matter. We know who he is and where he is.


David what good is an email, how about you give us your real phone number, and I will take this post down, a real phone number with a copy of your drivers license. We all know David Lichten is not your reall name, what is it. Where is all the money that was at bookmaker


David what good is an email, how about you give us your real phone number, and I will take this post down, a real phone number with a copy of your drivers license. We all know David Lichten is not your reall name, what is it. Where is all the money that was at bookmaker


Heard he unknowingly scammed a chunk of money from a crime family member. Now they are after him and his family. You better start seriously refunding people.


Yeah he scammed me out of thousands as well.Let us know when you do.

He is going to wish he was in jail getting gang banged when we get through with him. Bookmaker is at fault too. They knew what he was doing and allowed it to continue.

They gave my funds to David without even my authorization.All a bunch of crooks.


Mark my words I'm going to kill you, you are not going to steal $20,000 from me. I am going to seriously kill you.


David you don't answer or pay returns to your clients.You are good at taking your client's money.

That would be the definition of a scammer.You tool.


David, what good does emailing you do? You don't answer week after week. If you make all that money why don't you hire someone to answer your clients?


This is David.We did have issues but never "scammed" anyone.

If you have an issue please email and we will resolve it.


Well, he's still at it as of 12/10.And, don't be taken in by any shills who act as go betweens either vouching for his legitimacy.

Totally BS.

The guy is a complete fraud.Same story, just fortunate to have not lost more than $1,000.



I brought 8 clients to David Lichten for over $20K and have not been able to contact him either. Please contact me at Maybe we can exchange notes and nail this scammer.


When did you start with this guy?

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